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Lithium-ion batteries have become a real danger, causing massive fires and fatalities, displacing people, and threatening public safety.

Lithium-ion Battery Fire

E-bikes, scooters, and other rechargeable electric powered products have become popular in recent years. The lithium batteries used to charge these products can easily ignite when they overheat or are not charging properly. Please find below a quote from November 14, 2022, from Chief Dan Flynn of the FDNY:

“You can almost describe them as explosive fires — they come without warning,”. “When they do go on fire, it ignites all of the combustibles in the area around them.”    

According to a November 21, 2022 New York Post article, there have been at least 140 fires tied to these devices in NYC in 2022, with 140 injured and 6 people killed. In September of 2022 an 8 year old girl was killed in Queens in a fire sparked by a lithium battery from her siblings new electric scooter.

In response to this and many other recent fires caused by lithium-ion batteries, today, Mayor Adams signed Council Member Holden’s bill, Intro 722-A, into law. This would require the FDNY to submit five reports relating to fire risks and powered mobility devices, such as e-bikes and electric scooters. Reports will include data on fires during the previous year caused by these devices and recommendations for changes to changes to the administrative code to further decrease fire risk.

Here is a quote from CM Holden: “Lithium-ion batteries have become a real danger, causing massive fires and fatalities, displacing people, and threatening public safety,” said Councilmember Holden. “Our city must take action, and this package of bills is a step in the right direction. I’m proud to have recently introduced a bill requiring registration, licensing, and insurance for e-bikes and scooters. I thank the speaker and mayor for their leadership in addressing this pressing issue.”

It is imperative to be mindful when choosing a place to store and or charge your e-equipment. Team Egress Pros highly suggest that any product with a lithium battery not be stored or charged in your basement. Basement fires are some of the most difficult, challenging, and dangerous operations firefighters will encounter. Many basement fires result in a loss of buildings and or tragically the loss of life. Store your E Bikes, Scooters and other products that require E-batteries in safe place. We would also recommend using passive fire protection when storing / charging products containing a lithium battery or even when charging an electric car in your garage.

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