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All homes built before 2015 have small basement windows making it impossible to escape in an emergency.

In recent years, new federal building codes now require all homes new and old to have windows meeting certain code requirements of size and height off your finished floor. This means that all finished areas of your home, especially in basements, must meet these new beneficial building codes. There is no grandfather clause.

Every Egress Window Systems installed by Long Island Egress Pros are code compliant and with their one day, no mess installation process, your home will be up to code and more valuable in just one day.

Egress Pros offers egress windows at a variety of sizes and different price points:

●      42×28

●      36×36

●      30×42

●      36×48

●      48×48

Long Island Egress Pros windows meet northeast energy performance ratings.

“The basement windows today should all be bigger, the 31×16 basement windows installed before 2015 need to be bigger to start with,” commented Long Island Egress Pros’ owner Glen Dauman.

Not only do egress windows allow for a quick and easy escape route, but egress windows provide basements with natural light and proper airflow. Mini windows are ineffective in emergencies and should not be considered a way out of your home in an emergency.

Speaking of the appearance of a larger basement window, Glen believes that there are great aesthetic benefits to an Egress Window System. “When you install an Egress Window System it looks like you’re sitting in your upstairs den. The sun is shining through, you can open the windows and get lots of fresh air coming through. This egress window is a game-changer.”

In an emergency, time is of the essence. New York State Egress code requires that each finished basement room have two points of egress to protect yourself, loved ones, and our first responders. There is little time to act when fires rage, or any emergency, especially in isolated areas such as basements.

Egress Window Systems in a basement bedroom or any finished areas will allow an occupant to escape in an emergency. These windows are built to code allowing anyone to be able to pass through in an emergency.  Because of the new codes requiring egress windows to be installed lower to the finished floor it is now so easy for anyone young and old to get out easily and quickly.

Long Island Egress Pros believes that people need to learn from the past. “You put your seat belt on because you want to be ahead of an accident. We don’t smoke with kids in the car, and we install smoke alarms in every room in our homes. We are smarter now. I look at the Egress Window as the seat belt of your basement,” said Randy Goldbaum of Long Island Egress Pros’.

Glen Dauman said “lets face it the most important part of any escape plan is the way OUT!”

Is it worth putting in an egress window?

Installing Egress Window Systems and other fire-safety precautions within your basement is a job for professionals. The team at Long Island Egress Pros cares about the safety of your family and our first responders. At Long Island Egress Pros our sales team, customer service, and installers are trained on code and install processes. If you have questions or concerns regarding egress, the team at Long Island Egress Pros has your answers. Egress Pros installs a code-compliant egress window system in one day. No stress, no mess.

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