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Mini Well & Window Services

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Basement mini windows play an important role in improving the aesthetics and functionality of your below ground space. Mini windows provide sunlight and ventilation.  Many homes have mini windows that range from 10 years to 50 years old.  Today’s windows are not only larger and energy efficient they provide protection from critters and water issues. Mini wells have come along way too!  Galvanized steel and powder coated wells will last a lifetime.   At Egress Pros we know basement windows!  We are proud to offer the following services.

Proper Mini Wells & Windows Protect Your Home!

Mini slider window & powder coated galvanized steel well

Egress Pros sunshine window 38 x34

Product Options

Mini Well Sizes:

  • Mini white classic w/ polycarbonate cover 40x20x36
  • Medium white classic  polycarbonate covers 56x36x36
  • Weight bearing grates available

Mini Slider Windows

  • 31×15
  • 31×16
  • 31×17
  • 31×18
  • 31×19
WE HAVE BIG WINDOWS! Our exclusive Sunshine Window measures 38×30 will provide your family with safety, sunshine, and fresh air.  Installed with or without well