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Egress windows are best for fire safety


Fire Prevention Week 2023 is a call to action, echoing the relentless truth that while the best way to tackle a fire is to prevent it, life’s unpredictabilities mean we must always be prepared. Fires don’t wait for indecision or hesitation. They spread with a rapid ferocity that demands immediate action. The answer? A well-thought-out escape plan that factors in all potential exits, including egress windows.


1. Understanding Fire Dynamics
A small ember can turn into a raging inferno faster than we can process. Within mere minutes, homes can be consumed with deadly smoke, depleting vital oxygen. Preparation and understanding are key.

2. Create a Home Fire Escape Plan
Every individual in the household should be aware of the quickest and safest exits. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Ensure there are at least two exits from every room, if feasible. This could be doors, windows, and specifically, egress windows which are designed for safe escape and rescue.
  • Designate an outside meeting spot located safely away from your home, ensuring everyone knows where to assemble.
  • Conduct regular fire drills, making certain children and all family members are familiar with the plan.


3. Egress Windows: The Unsung Heroes
Egress windows are specially designed windows that can be a lifesaver during emergencies:

  • They’re large enough for a person to climb through, facilitating a quick exit.
  • Situated in basements and other crucial areas, they provide an alternative escape route when main routes are blocked.
  • If you don’t have egress windows installed, consider it a worthy investment in safety.


4. Educate the Young Ones
Children’s curiosity knows no bounds. Fire can captivate their attention, making it paramount to teach them about its dangers. Regularly practice escape plans with them, ensuring they’re aware of every exit, including egress windows.

5. Smoke Alarms: The First Line of Defense
These devices are crucial:

  • Place smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of your house.
  • Regularly test them and replace batteries as needed. Remember, an entire unit typically needs replacement every decade or sooner if malfunctioning.


6. Doors: A Barrier and an Exit
Closed doors can significantly impede the progression of heat, fire, and smoke. Always feel doors for heat before opening. If it’s warm or hot, turn to another exit route like your egress window.

7. Account for Everyone
Remember, speed varies among individuals. Ensure those needing extra help, whether children, seniors, or individuals with disabilities, have someone ready to assist, especially when using egress windows.

8. Once Out, Stay Out
Re-entering a burning building is a grave mistake. If someone is unaccounted for, inform professional firefighters. They have the training to handle such situations.


Fire Prevention Week 2023 reminds us that safety must never be a secondary thought. Embrace the mantra: “Fire won’t wait, plan your next escape.” With knowledge, preparedness, and the inclusion of essential tools like egress windows, we’re not just hoping for safety—we’re planning for it. Stay vigilant and safe!