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June 10, 2022, New York NY Egress Pros// Tactical PR: NYC Mayor Eric Adams recently delivered remarks in preparation for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season, he was joined by Jasmine Blackwell, Public Affairs Specialist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

The administration is concerned about a repeat of the 2021 season where several New Yorker’s lost their lives in flood waters. 

According to an October 13th, 2021, New York Times Article entitled “Trapped in Basements and Cars, They Lost Their Lives in Savage Storm The storm’s victims included at least 15 people in New York State and 23 in New Jersey. Some died as waters inundated their basement homes.”

Many of the flood’s victims lived in basement apartments , some of which were subterranean dwellings carved out illegally from larger homes and may have lacked the emergency egress.

Habitable basement space and attics shall not have less than one emergency escape and rescue opening. Each emergency escape and rescue opening shall not be less than 24” and net clear width shall not be less than 20” Egress Pros, an emergency egress system installation and supplier firm, is working to change that grim fact and shares the concern with a solution. Egress is all we do. Egress Pros offers several applications to solve the need to escape in an emergency (fire, flooding, gas leak, etc.).  From egress window systems to custom-designed basement walkouts, when we install a code-compliant egress system, we are safety and peace of mind. 

Founded in 2014 by Glen Dauman Egress Pros is recognized by the Suffolk & Nassau County Legislature via proclamation for being a visionary seeing a fire safety need for both homeowners and first responders when dealing with lower living conditions. 

“We are serious about safety, I have a family of my own and their well-being is my top priority, being able to spread the word that there is no longer a need to fear being trapped in your basement should the unthinkable become your reality. Our emergency escape systems provide fire safety are code compliant, let in natural sunlight and fresh air to a basement setting.” Said Randy Goldbaum of egress pros. 

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