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The Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council holds National Window Safety Week each year starting from April 1. The goal of National Window Safety Week is to educate people everywhere, from homeowners to business owners, on the importance of window safety.

Long Island Egress Pros stands with the National Safety Council to celebrate National Window Safety Week as a time to spread the message about the safety benefits of Egress Window Systems.

Education regarding the proper use of windows for emergency escape purposes, as well as best practices during fire-based emergencies, helps to show why egress windows are so important. Egress Pros understands that your family as well as first responders cannot be safe without fire safety measures in place within basements. This is especially true for those lacking Egress Window Systems.

Egress Window Systems must always be installed to Federal and NYS codes. Long Island Egress Pros install Egress Window Systems in less than a day and are always code compliant. An egress window opening must be 20” x 24”. Egress openings of the right size ensure that your family members can exit the window system quickly, and safely. First responders such as firefighters and paramedics also benefit from a window system fit for their size and the size of their equipment.

Experience has taught the experts at Egress Pros that it is not safe to be in a basement without multiple means of exit. An emergency does not announce itself and your family needs to be prepared. That is the reason why U.S. building codes have shifted towards a greater emphasis on egress windows for basements.

In the words of Long Island Egress Pros’ Glen Dauman: “The most important part of any escape plan is the way out.”

When trusted professionals such as the team at Long Island Egress Pros are on the job, your family can rest easy knowing your system was installed properly and to code. In an emergency, time is of the essence. New York State egress code requires that each finished basement room have two points of egress to protect yourself, loved ones, and our first responders. There is little time to act when fires rage, especially in isolated areas such as basements.

At Long Island Egress Pros our sales team, customer service, and installers are trained on code and install processes. If you have questions or concerns regarding egress, the team at Long Island Egress Pros has your answers. Egress Pros installs a code compliant Egress Window System in one day. No stress, no mess.

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