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In an emergency, time is of the essence. New York State egress code requires that each finished basement room have two points of egress to protect yourself, loved ones, and our first responders. One such option for an egress point can be through a basement walkout. A walkout allows homeowners to put an entrance between the lower level of their basement and an upper level outside. This access can be a huge benefit for those homes that have the right amount of space.

Basements can have several points of egress, including indoor stairs, Egress Window Systems, and basement walkouts

There is little time to act when fires rage, especially in isolated areas such as basements. An unobstructed route of escape is a necessity. Basements can have several points of egress, including indoor stairs, Egress Window Systems , and basement walkouts. Basement walkouts, while expensive and more time-consuming to build, might be a great option for those homeowners looking for a stair system leading from indoors to outdoors.

“Unfortunately, the walkout is a tremendous job. Obviously, it’s great. But the walkout is an expensive substitute for an Egress Window System. That’s what you have to do to keep your house safe. You have to have ways out,” said Glen Dauman of Long Island Egress Pros.

Basement walkouts can be installed properly by the experienced team at Long Island Egress Pros.

Basement walkouts can also bring your basement up to code. The state recognizes Basement walkouts as a form of egress. Basements that are lacking in egress points can benefit significantly from a walkout system.

Walkout systems should only be considered for those homes or businesses that believe a walkout is right for them, all while following proper local code. “My experience has taught me that if you are choosing between an Egress Window System or a walkout, you get more value use from an Egress Window System,” said Glen Dauman.

A walkout is a big job, but the team at Egress Pros will install your walkout within 3 to 4 days. Long Island Egress Pros also offer many upgrade options to enhance your walkout. The team at Long Island Egress Pros cares about the safety of your family and our first responders.

At Long Island Egress Pros our sales team, customer service, and installers are trained on code and install processes. If you have questions or concerns regarding egress the team at Long Island Egress Pros has your answers. For those seeking egress windows, Egress Pros installs a code compliant Egress Window System in one day. No stress, no mess.

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