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Egress Saves Lives

An egress window in your basement provides a critical escape route during emergencies such as fires, allowing occupants to exit safely. It also offers a means for rescue personnel to enter and assist in case of emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Egress Adds Value

Installing an egress window in your basement allows you to legally count the space as livable square footage, increasing the overall value of your home. This additional square footage can be marketed as functional living space, enhancing appeal to potential buyers and boosting resale value.

Egress Closes Permits

An egress window can help close a permit by ensuring your basement complies with building codes, which require safe and accessible escape routes. Meeting these regulations through the installation of an egress window facilitates the final inspection and approval process, allowing the permit to be closed successfully.

Egress Adds Sunshine

An egress window adds more sunlight to your basement by providing a larger opening for natural light to enter, brightening the space. This increased natural light creates a more inviting and pleasant environment, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Egress Adds Fresh Air

An egress window enhances ventilation by allowing fresh air to flow into your basement, improving air quality. This increased airflow helps reduce humidity and prevent musty odors, creating a healthier living environment.

Egress = Peace of Mind

An egress window in your basement provides peace of mind by ensuring your family has a safe and accessible escape route during emergencies. Knowing there is a designated exit in case of fire or other hazards enhances your overall sense of security.

Customer Reviews

What our customers have to say

At Egress Pros, keeping families safe is our #1 priority! This is why we have and overall 4.9 rating from our satisfied customers

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Brian S.
Lake Grove, NY

“Having egress windows installed in our basement has given us great peace of mind, knowing our family has a safe escape route in emergencies. The added sunlight and fresh air have also transformed the space into a more pleasant living area.”

Kelly R.
West Babylon, NY

“Installing egress windows in our basement was a game-changer. Not only do we feel safer knowing there’s an emergency exit, but the extra natural light and ventilation have made the basement a much more enjoyable space to spend time in.”

Mike P.
Smithtown, NY

“We were in a bind trying to close our renovation permit, but installing an egress window solved the issue instantly. It met all the safety requirements, and we could finally complete our project without any more delays.”


At Egress Pros®, we believe the most important part of an escape plan is a way out.  Egress is so much more than safety.  Understanding the many benefits of egress is the first step towards ensuring a safe, healthy environment for you, your family, and your home.  What is egress, and why is it so crucial?

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